Brighten Up Your Kitchen With Jangneus Design's Colourful Eco Cloths!

With all this gray weather, you'll want to inject a little bit of life into the indoors.

My newest discovery? Jangneus Design's Eco Cloths!

This type of cloth has been used in Swedish kitchens since the 1950s, but they are relatively new to us in North America.

They are completely addictive and you'll wonder how you lived without them for this long.  Made from cellulose and recycled cotton, they are 100% biodegradable, but not at all flimsy. These beauties are incredibly absorbent, but won't stay wet and get smelly like those ones you've used in the past. And thanks to being actually machine-washable, you can use them again and again.

And you'll want to with these gorgeous patterns and colours - finally a cloth that is as modern as your kitchen! 

Printed by hand locally in the Cotswolds, the Jangneus Design Cloths don't have to stay in the kitchen. Feel free to use them to keep your bedroom, bathroom or wherever you like to keep things clean and tidy.

The best part? They look so pretty, no one will notice those dust bunnies in the corner!

Shop the Jangneus Design Cloths Collection now and bring a little Sweden into your home. You can also subscribe and get a new one delivered every month.

Stephanie Dickison

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