Share the Memories This Season with the Kodak EasyShare PULSE Digital Frame

Three of our very good friends are moving away this month.

Not far, but certainly not just a few doors away, like they've been for years.

While we are overjoyed at their new homes and opportunities, it feels a little quiet and sad without them.

A wonderful way to keep them in our daily lives has been the amazing Kodak EasyShare PULSE Digital Frame.

Thanks to built in Wi-Fi and 512 MB of internal memory, you can easily upload photos from your computer and phone via email! I've got a "Friends" folder that I've been putting digital photos in for years. Up until now, they've been on my computer in a file that I rarely look at. Now, these photos are available right in my living room. Oh, look at Ben's long hair at Scott's birthday party years ago! And Darren's of course making faces at the camera. Allana always looks so at peace, even when she's laughing at something someone said.  And our friends Jeffrey and Jonah who moved away a couple of years ago make appearances too. It's so nice to everyone together again!

I can send up to 4000 photos to this beauty of a frame. Which is good, because once I get to the Cosmo folder, it might just fill the whole thing up!

I am also using the feature that allows me to automatically receive new pictured from Facebook and Kodak Gallery albums. I am really enjoying seeing the albums I created on Facebook, because I never revisit them online and I didn't have to spend time uploading the pictures again!

Kodak also smartly allows you to create your own e-mail address for the frame to upload pictures easily from a computer or mobile phone. Then you can share the e-mail address to receive photos from your friends and family.  Sweet.

You're going to love the touch screen with LED backlit high quality display. And it takes up so little room (we have ours on our breakfast bar facing the living room) and yet offers you the chance to revisit friends, places and memories that you've likely long forgotten.


You'll also love the fact that it is super easy to set up - no software to install, no cables to hook up to your computer! Just turn it on and start enjoying your many, many photos (oh yes, I cut my hair short and dyed it red one summer, there's my photo of Anthony Bourdain and I, my Mom sitting in a huge lounge chair laughing....).

The Kodak EasyShare PULSE Digital Frame is available in 7” and 10” for $129.95 CDN and $199.95 CDN respectively at Best Buy, Future Shop, London Drugs, Staples, Black's, The Source, Henry's, Dell, Amazon, Sears and

Your holiday shopping just got a whole lot more exciting!

Stephanie Dickison

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