Meet Yummie Tummie - The Battle Against Your Bulge

I cook and eat for a living, so it's safe to say that my flat stomach of my teens is long gone.

That doesn't mean that I don't want to look svelte and sexy though!

So in addition to eating healthy when I can and walking everyday, I am taking full advantage of Yummie Tummie's line of shapewear and body shapers to keep me looking slim.

Last week, I went to a swank dinner where I knew the cameras would be everywhere (sure enough, they got me). I really wanted to look good.

I changed dresses 5 times and still felt like a baked potato. Ew. This wasn't going to cut it.

Thankfully, Yummie Tummie's Peek-A-Boo Cami (pictured above) had just arrived. I slipped it on under my black sheath dress and voila! A miracle occurred, where all of me was slimmed and smoothed - My midsection had been flattened, without having to endure any situps or crunches.

Not only did I have a stealth body, but it was so comfortable, I forgot I was wearing it? Can you think of that last body shaper you wear that felt like that? That didn't pull, tug or roll up on you?

Yeah, didn't think so.

There are fantastic design features too, like the deep neckline, so that the slip dress never shows no matter what dress you're wearing. And the straps are adjustable, so no matter where your chest lies (mine's somewhere near Texas, y'all), you can have it fit your body p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y. Oh, and if you don't want to have to wear a dress to get the benefits of being all Jessica Alba-y, you can tuck the lace trim into pants or skirts. Sweet.

This is one of those life-saving, where-have-you-been-all-my-life items that you will count on as much as you do your morning cup of joe.

Ooh, and the Short Sleeve Crew T-Shirt is a wardrobe necessity. So much so, you might want to buy a bunch.

This tee does everything you've ever wanted your t-shirts to do - there are 3 panels on the interior, which keeps you looking more Kate Bosworth than Kate Gosselin.  And because there are no visible seams on the outside, you can layer without looking bumpy or bulgy.

And it's damn comfy too. It's like wearing a regular tee, without that binding, can't breathe feeling that you get with most shapers.

It looks great on it's own or paired with a jacket or sweater. I love that I can wear a tee that keeps everything tucked away. There's nothing worse than seeing a tummy over the top of jeans. Yeah, you can say goodbye to that look forever, thankyouverymuch!

I am hooked on Yummie Tummie! I never thought that I could look this good AND be comfortable at the same time.

Stephanie Dickison

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