Get On The Road to Better Health With The Stylewellness AcuMat

At first glance, you might think the AcuMat looks a little medieval.

But trust me - it's pure and utter bliss.

Used for relaxation and in yoga and meditation practices, the AcuMat is based on Eastern medicine and has recently had a resurgence in Sweden (one of the healthiest places in the world).

What is so fascinating about the AcuMat is that while it may look like a bed of nails and if you just touch one of the spikes with your finger, it is quite sharp. But like walking across hot coals (so I've heard - I've never actually done it), when you place all of your weight on it at once, it doesn't hurt at all.

My Mom and I tested it out in the living room one night and couldn't believe how immediately we felt different. We both lay on the comfy foam mattress covered in organic cotton and felt a heat along out backs that was both invigorating and relaxing all at once (you can place a cloth between you and the mat, though neither of us needed to).

Just by spending 20-30 minutes before going to sleep, you can reduce your stress and calm your mind.  See, the way it works is that the mat's pressure points releases endorphins, so you can relieve pain and stress just by accessing those various points in your body.

According to the Stylewellness, "Endorphins are vital to many bodily functions, including body temperature, blood pressure, skeletal muscle tone, breathing, heart rate, water-sodium balance, appetite, thirst, protein synthesis, lipolysis, hormonal balance, sexual motivation, peristalsis, immune activity, general alertness, pain perception, emotionality, and learning ability."

Pretty amazing how you can access all of those vital things about your health by just lying on a mat!

You can use it on a number of places - back and neck, abdomen, waist and thighs, feet, face and jaw.

I want to improve my health and I can't think of an easier, more relaxing way than the AcuMat.

Stephanie Dickison

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