Donna Karan Does It Again with Be Delicious!

Her fragrances are light and clean, but like her clothes and accessories, always have a strong distinction and personality. 

So when I tried DKNY Be Delicious Sweet Caramel Candy Apple, I knew she had another hit on her hands.

And while it's described on the website as "a perfect blend of apple and delicate flowers, topped with creamy caramel and vanilla," it really isn't as sweet as it sounds. In fact, I'd say the sweetness comes from the lily of the valley, pear and apple.  Jasmine and marshmallow follow, but I don't get a lot of caramel on me. 

I know some people have written that this is the sweetest scent of the bunch,but that's what I love about picking out fragrances - they warm so differently on people. Often a fragrance won't work on my cold, dry skin, but on my Mom's hot, olive skin, it will smell amazing.

I like the freshness of this scent. To me, it smells of buds opening in Central Park, cable knit cardigans being tightly drawn across your chest and fresh apples ready for picking. 

Or perhaps more simply put - a fresh start.

Doesn't that sound like the perfect way to celebrate October 1st?

Stephanie Dickison

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