Cures by Avancé Focuses on Treating Your Skin Condition

Most skincare companies will ask you what type of skin you have, not for the condition.

That's the difference with Cures by Avancé.  

So if you've got irritated skin or eczema, abdominal bloating or fluid retention, dry or dehydrated skin, muscle soreness or tightness, swollen feet or tired legs, Cures by Avancé will target that problem by treating "the root cause of the condition," which means you get instant relief, with long-term results.

Check out their amazing Body Therapies:

For dry, irritated or sunburned skin, Skin Repair Body Mist, you simply spray on this gentle, cooling, soothing, pine-smelling liquid and work it into your skin. You skin will feel such relief, as will you.

I think this is a great item to keep on hand for the forthcoming cool weather. I usually spend all of the winter months with dry skin, but no more, thanks to Cures!

And Cures Anti-Fluid Gel is fantastic for targeting those aches and pains and that feeling of overall, general bloatedness that can come from consuming too much salt or alcohol or PMS. Your swelling will be eased with this minty-fresh cooling gel as it releases the trapped fluid from your body, leaving you feeling comfortable again.

And at all prices that you can absolutely afford!

Check out the entire collection and finally feel comfortable in the skin your in.

Stephanie Dickison

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