ZAGGbuds Keep Up With Your Busy Lifestyle

I can't live without my music.

Whether I'm rockin' out at my desk or on the subway to a meeting, I've got my tunes pumped.

ZAGGbuds gives you the flexibility you need with their incredibly well-designed cord.

First of all, it's nice and long, so no matter how many bags your toting or how many layers you're wearing, you've got as much cord as you need to be comfortable while weaving your way through crowds in the downtown core, or if you're running to catch your flight down south. Turn this way and that, reach over to grab that sandwich or hail a cab - the cord will follow.

The cord has a tough polyurethane coating, which makes it virtually tangle-free, so if you're like me and you stash your earbuds at the bottom of your purse, you don't have to spend 10 minutes like a dweeb trying to untangle them.  There is also great little sliders that not only allow you to adjust the length, but keeps your buds around your neck until you're ready for 'em.


Which, as the busy person you are, you know the pain of having to take off and put on your ear buds throughout the day. This will save you much time and effort.

And because fashion is still of importance to you, the cord comes in 7 colour combos, so match it to your look, or be daring and get colours that contrast.

There's nothing worse than your earbuds popping out (this used to happen to me all the time). But you don't have to worry about that with ZAGGbuds because you get a bunch of earbud adapters so that you can fit them to you.

Which means the music never has to stop, unless you want it to!

**They also come with a sweet 45-day money-back guarantee and 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty and work with many gadgets and sytems including the iPhone.

Stephanie Dickison

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