Your Laptop 's New BFF: Laboratory 424's Mini Riser!

Sometimes, simple is best.

Laboratory 424 is one of those companies that tackles issues that we deal with everyday with simple, yet brilliant design.

Thank goodness.

See, I have this wonderful beautiful laptop that I work to the bone, each and every day.  

So it's no wonder that it gets hot.

I have tried various fans and lifts in the past, but none as been as good - or as simple - as Laboratory 424's Mini Riser!

It is the only riser I've ever used with such ease and that's worked so incredibly well

It holds my laptop securely off my desk and doesn't bounce up and down at all, like my last contraption (that had me typing like I was in an offroad vehicle every day of the week). It takes up no room, is super light and damn good looking (they should clearly move into making appliances and dating services).

Simply said, the Mini Riser is a dream come true.

And it comes in 10 colours, 2 to a pack, so you can outfit the house in style (you wouldn't want it any other way) and you could use the other one for another laptop or just raise your computer's keyboard for the most comfortable typing experience of your life.

If you are looking for a solution to your computer needs, look no further than Laboratory 424.

Stephanie Dickison

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