The Season's Must-Have Accessories Have Arrived: Secret's Fall 2010 Leggings & Tights

Last night I cooked squash and closed the windows, so you know that fall is here.

And there is no better accessory than colourful leggings and tights. Just think how you can extend your spring and summer wardrobe just by adding tights and leggings to those long tops and short dresses. Even the shoes options get doubled. 

I've been wearing Secret's tights for years and they get better each season.

This season, the colours of both the leggings and tights are right on trend and they are so incredibly stretchy (without any worry of being baggy) and comfortable, you may just wear 'em ALL THE TIME.

You can opt for leggings, which look great with flats and a long sweater or tights, paired with tall boots and a pencil skirt.

Of course, the options are as vast as your closet. And with Secret's Fall 2010 Collection, you have a great choice of colours, it easy to liven up that cute dress that you almost never wear and that shirt that just never seems to go with anything. 

Camel, grey and black are nice neutrals to set off more vibrant pieces, but if you want your legs to be the stars of the show, go with red, blue, berry or plum.

Start extending your warm weather clothes and get a whole new look for less!

Stephanie Dickison

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