Lindo SwirliDo Hair Ties Give You The Perfect Ponytail

I got together with my Mom this week and we had to keep stopping because her elastic kept slipping off her ponytail.

I know the feeling.

Even though she and I have very different hair, we both battle with our elastics all the time.

So when I came across Lindo SwirliDo Hair Ties, I was so relieved.

Finally - a solution to our slip-sliding, hair-catching, bump-leaving elastic problems.

These short telephone cord-like, jelly hair ties allow you to put your hair up with ease and won't tug at your hair, won't leave that telltale ponytail bump (so you can take your hair down as many times as you want without having to rewash your hair to change styles) and won't give you a headache like elastics.

They come 8 to a pack in a range of colours (I got Neutral  Brown) so use 'em for the office, gym - wherever and whenever you want to hair your hair up in complete comfort.

Ahh, that's better!

Stephanie Dickison

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