Kelly Moore Bags - The Most Sumptuous, Beautiful Camera Bags EVER!

Photography has become the it-girl's hobby, even more than jewelry and cooking, I think.

And now that we're building our presences online, photography has become as important as what we're writing about, so to learn and experiment with taking pictures has become something fun to do and also a real asset to our work lives as well.

Kelly Moore is a spectacular photographer who dreamed of having a handbag/lens bag line of her own:

"As a photographer and a woman, I was always left wanting more when it came to my options for a stylish, functional bag that I could use to carry my equipment while I photographed. I sat down and made a wish list of everything that I wanted in a great bag."

Thank goodness for Kelly Moore! She was meant to be a bag designer.

These bags are some of the most sumptuous, luxurious bags YOU WILL EVER SEE.  They come with removable velcro dividers inside so that you can safely and securely pack your cameras and lenses, all in the most fashionable manner.

Take the Kelly Moore Classic Bag, for example. It's huge, but so structured that it's stylish and sleek. And though it looks and feels like leather, it's actually water-resistant, man-made polyurethane. Kelly made it nice and light (2.5 lbs.) because she knows that you don't need any extra weight when you're going to be lugging your equipment around town with you.

One of the features that I think is most brilliant is that it stands on its own - so set it down and get to work. It will be right there where you left it when you need to access your wide-angle lens or change cameras!

It has an adjustable strap (complete with cushy shoulder pad) so that you can wear it across your body (messenger style) or on your shoulder, with 3 removeable velcro dividers so you can create up to 4 sections inside.  There are 2 magnetic snap pockets, 2 side and 1 back zipper pockets so you can stay organized on the shoot.

Kelly says, "I wanted to encourage the photographers out there and give them a bag where they can change a lens at a moment's notice without feeling the pressure of having the client wait. Trust me...I've been there. I want you to feel the freedom of focusing on your craft and also give you more options. I wanted to give my clients "moore". My mission is for you to walk away having more function, more style and of course more fun!"

Oh, how you've done that, Ms. Moore.  In spades.

This bag can carry all of this - 1 camera body; 1 flash; 2-4 lenses (depending on if you stack them); off camera cords; camera batteries; phone; keys; wallet; double AA’s; designed to carry an 8" lens in length and still have room for various cords and accessories.

And seriously, this bag is gorgeous.  No more lugging around ugly black nylon things (Ew).  So use it when you're not on a shoot or carrying around your equipment.  It's much too pretty to be at home on a Saturday night. Take it out, show it a good time. It works hard for you. It deserves at least that!

I got it in Black (pictured above) so it's my new fall/winter big bag. Oh yeah, it's amazing.

But wait, there's moore!

The B-Hobo Bag. It's too pretty to be a camera bag, right?

Well, normally I'd say yes, but it's Kelly Moore, so it's absolutely possible now, thanks to her!

I got it in Heather Grey (oh my!) and it really is just the most beautiful purse.  Sure I'm going to load it up with my gear, but I'm sure as hell also going to use it as my everyday bag, because it's just too lovely not to show off. 

I loooove that it has 2 straps - a purse style and one for cross-body - with that comfy shoulder pad for the ultimate in comfort. Tres chaud, n'est pas?  This also stands on its own (a hobo that stands? get out!), is only 2 lbs., and has jewelry-worthy matte silver hardware.  It's as sexy as George Clooney, I'm telling you...

And with 5 pockets, it'll keep all of my stuff organized - keys, wallet, phone, notebook, lip gloss, etc.

There are 2 removable dividers, giving you 3 compartments, and it can carry up to a 9 inch lens, camera body, flash, phone, batteries & other accessories.

Kelly Moore Bags are not just insanely beautiful and well-designed camera bags. These are bags that you can use in real life to carry your stuff and look good while doing it.

Kelly is a miracle worker and my new hero.

Get these bags before they sell out.

Because sell out they will.

As they should...

Stephanie Dickison

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