Give Your Hair The New York Streets Treatment With The NEW Village Collection

There is nowhere tougher to make it than in New York.

And you'll never get a stronger hold on your hair than with New York Streets NEW Village Collection

This edgy line was made to survive the humidity and closeness of the city.  It allows you to create different looks in just seconds.  

Which is all you have before you have to head out the door:

- Paste allows you a little bit of wiggle room. It gives your hair shape and holds it, but without being too forceful. You want to look put together, but not too

- Tar lets you create a faux haux or sweep your bangs to the side. Want your hair to have a split personality, at least for the party tonight? Tar will give you what you need. And more.

- Need your hair to stay right where it is? Wax will do the trick. Keep your hair in place no matter what the weather forecast.

Your hair will finally rock as hard as you do.

Buy the collection online or at a store near you.


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