Get Your Daily Dose of Hawaii with Malie Organics

I have always wanted to go to Hawaii.

Since it's a rather expensive destination, in the meantime I can bring that tropical island feel home, thanks to Malie Organics.

Malie, pronounced mah-lee-ay, is Hawaiian for calm, serene, tranquility.

Using only indigenous and local Hawaiian flora, Malie Organics Pikake line is natural, organic and completely luxurious.  And thanks to Hawaiian Hydrosols, the "gentle floral waters that contain every element of the plant at the molecular level." your skin always feeling nourished and moisturized. And no need to worry about chemicals and toxins as there is "absolutely no petroleum, mineral spirits, sulfates or parabens" in Malie Organics products.

The subtle, but very pretty fragrance of Malie Organics Aroma Mist is how I like to start the day after my shower. If you think many perfumes cloy or linger for too long, this is for you.  You can even use it on your linens!

I like how it extends the hydrating feel of Malie Organics Body Cream.  Natural ingredients such as coconut, ginger and macadamia nut oils infuse your skin with moisture, while aloe and chamomile soothe your skin (now that it's cooled down, have you noticed your skin already getting dry?). And the cream has a lovely warm and nutty scent with just a hint of flora.  Mmm.

The Malie Organics Liquid Hand Soap is fantastic. I've got it going in our bathroom and normally we got through a bottle very quickly. Malie's high quality ingredients mean that a little goes a long way - we've been using it for weeks and it's still looks almost full.  That's exactly what I want in my hand soap. That and the added bonus of having clean hands that have been treated to such lovely scents, you come out of the bathroom, saying, "Smell my hands!"

And you've got to try Malie Organics Anti-Aging Firming Elasticity Cream. Using the super nutrient Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Extract, you can successfully battle those wrinkles, plump up your limp skin and keep environmental toxins at bay! After using it just for 2 days and nights, I noticed a difference in my skintone's look and feel. So did other people! I was told how good I looked (I didn't) and did I do something different like lose weight (I'd just had a huuge lunch) or cut my hair (nope).

I love being able to treat my body safely and naturally, all with the sweet, subtle scents and powerful ingredients straight from Hawaii.

Shop Malie Organics and surround yourself with the feel and fragrances of the Hawaiian islands!

Stephanie Dickison

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