Discover FLOWERPARTY - A Fun, Fresh Scent From Yves Rocher!

I love Yves Rocher.

I have written about them many times before because they offer products of fantastic quality at incredibly affordable prices. 

I have never been disappointed by anything I've tried by Yves Rocher, which says a great deal, I think.

Their fragrance, FLOWERPARTY  Eau de Toilette is "a modern, cheeky fragrance," according to its creator, perfumer Philippe Romano.

What makes it such a fresh and fun scent is that it evokes long-lost memories of childhood and youth.  The warm sun on your back and shoulders at the beach, cherry popsicles and sticky candy and flirting with the cute boy/girl in your class.

It's a truly evocative scent that screams happiness. Just one whiff and you can't help but smile!

Isn't that how you should start your day?!

Well, now you can with FLOWERPARTY!

You'll be intoxicated by the blend of scents - mandarin, rose, raspberry, lychee nectar and a little vanilla, amongst other joyous ingredients.

This is a fantastic everyday scent for fall. While the sky darkens and the smell of leaves fill the air, you'll be surrounded by happy memories and a delicious scent that will have people asking you what you've got on that smells so damn good!

Oh, and the petal topped bottle is wonderful, isn't it? It will look great on your dresser and makes this a wonderful gift for a girl who could use a little extra joy in her life.

And at this price, you can afford to you one for her and for yourself.

Now that's happiness!

Stephanie Dickison

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