Lotta Jansdotter Makes For Pretty Mail

No doubt you've seen Lotta Jansdotter designs before.

They are easily recognizable.This Scandinavian beauty creates the most wonderful, whimsical designs that pack a visual punch.  Nature is a big influence on her and she has a real talent for making warm and earthy prints with a modern edge and feel.

She has created a real empire of products - books, fabrics and my very favourite, stationery.

The Notecard Book is a hardcover book that has 24 notecards and envelopes.  It's a fun design - you flip through the book to look through the individual patterns (so many colours and styles to choose from, and so personalized!). Once you've made your selection, you simply remove it along the perforated edge. And don't worry about little jagged edges at the bottom once you've removed it from the binding. The edge is so clean and smooth that your recipient will never know it was once bound in a collection!

Because Lotta Jansdotter thinks of everything, the envelopes are embellished with her designs, and there's a bunch of them to choose from.  It's fun to have so many options!  

And storage couldn't be easier - just place this book alongside your paperbacks.  Its incredibly sturdy cover will keep your cards protected and all in one place.

All that in one product. How cool is that?

And nothing will pretty up your gifts this season like Lotta Jansdotter Labels & Stickers!

There are 200 various shapes, sizes and designs here.  There are hearts and flowers, to and from gift stickers and gorgeous prints that if you're like me, you'll be sticking on your notebooks, binders and calendars.

Ooh, it's so nice to have a gift sticker instead of something you have to tie, glue or tape to a gift and so much fun to use! I've been using them in tons of ways - on a bottle of wine I took to a dinner party, a birthday gift I gave to a dear friend, on some of my file folders that I access a lot and on packages that I am getting ready to send to friends abroad.

Sigh.  Lotta makes pretty stationery that you will get the credit for having and using.

To me, that's the mark a great designer.

Stephanie Dickison

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