Stunning Corso Como Flats Are A Summer Must-Have!

There are a few things you're going to need this summer:

- heavy duty sunscreen

- your favourite warm weather songs to dance or relax to

- a hot little dress that you can wear anywhere

- Corso Como shoes

You've gotta get yourself a pair - or 10 - of Corso Como Shoes.

See, the thing about summer shoes is that while you might be wearing a rockin' outfit, chances are, your shoes are going to be what makes the outfit. Your shoes are going to be what people will notice first.

And no one does shoes like Corso Como.

You get quality shoes with exquisite detail and design, along with the much-needed comfort factor.

Corso Como shoes are hand assembled, so you get hands-on care and attention. Can you say that about the shoes you bought at the mall?

The lining is not only soft, it's designed to "let your feet breathe while reducing humidity." A must for the intense summer heat. And the sole is made to be flexible, which means that you can walk, dance, stand... do whatever you do throughout your day (and night) in complete and utter comfort.

I am absolutely gaga over Corso Como's latest line, Ballasox.

The Festive (pictured above) is one of two styles (the other is Felicity) in the line, and is unlike any flat I've ever tried.

First of all, you can tell how soft and sumptuous they are by the exterior. The leather is slightly gathered at the top and they feel as buttery, cushy and delicious as they looks.

There is soft, form-fitting sock sewn into the lining, so that your foot is further cushioned. Which for a gal like me who walks everywhere, is much appreciated.

The rubber sole is thick enough to stand up to long concrete block, bike pedals and jumping up and down with excitement. I like the addition of a slight heel as it helps to absorb the shock.

Each pair comes with its own carrying pouch, so you can slip them into your bag or luggage and always have them with you.

I got them in black, but love that you can get them in bright, summery colours too.

If you want a pretty shoe that is completely luxurious and will stand up to your lifestyle of long walks, running from meeting to meeting, and dancing in between, the Corso Como Festive is it!

p.s. To advocate various environmental and social causes, a portion of every sale is donated to charity and all packaging is made from recyclable paper.

Stephanie Dickison

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