Offer Refreshing Cocktails This Season With Iceberg Vodka!

Chances are you'll be entertaining this month.

You're not going to serve up the ol' standards, are you?!

First of all, get yourself Canadian Iceberg Vodka.

It's made with 12,000-year-old naturally pure Iceberg water and a triple-distilled grain spirit made from Ontario peaches and cream sweet corn.

Other vodkas just can't compete with that kind of uniqueness, this kind of quality.

And unlike other vodkas, you can drink this one on its own - it tastes that good.

So introduce your guests to a vodka that stands out from the crowd. Tell 'em to try it on its own or mix them up Cali Winter, So Cold, Moscow Mule or an Icepresso to keep cool.

You thought your friends liked you before the party. Wait until you serve 'em these!

Stephanie Dickison

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