The Handshoe Mouse by Hippus Fits Like a Glove

There is a lot of media attention on getting your desk and/or office set up ergonomically. Articles focus on chairs with supportive backs, keyboards that allow your fingers each reach and keeping your feet flat and comfortable on the floor.

Very little is spent on how vital a good mouse that cradles your hand is.

The Handshoe Mouse by Hippus is perhaps one of the world's best and most innovative.

It supports your hand, thumb and fingers WHILE THEY ARE IN THE MOST RELAXED POSITION. So instead of a mouse manufacturer deciding where your fingers should go, Hippus decided to rely on science instead.

Instead of your fingers and muscles having to move and strain all the time, your hand simply remains in a restful position while you click and drag your way through the day as per usual. The difference in how your hand feels at the end of the day is remarkable.

As someone who has carpal tunnel, I can tell you that The Handshoe Mouse has helped to relieve the tremendous pain my right hand - the one I use for my mouse, to write with, to do most everything with.

I like that you order it to the size of your hand, so that you get a fit specific to you and your body. Let's see your mouse from the office supply store do that!

I will tell you that it takes a little getting used to such a big implement and where to keep your fingers placed. It becomes natural quickly, but give yourself some time to get used to it.

The buttons have a nice, soft click, which is much nicer than my old mouse and though the scroll wheel is the ridged, old-school kind, it works well.

If you want to help heal your hands, or keep them healthy, The Handshoe Mouse by Hippus is a fantastic gift to yourself - and others.

Stephanie Dickison

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