The Twistband is Oh-So-Pretty & Comfortable

Ponytail snags and pulls from elastics - I know you know what I'm talking about.

Just a couple of weeks ago I roamed the haircare section at my local drugstore looking for something to keep my hair back. All I want is something comfortable and pretty. Nothing fancy, just something that won't break, tear or tug.

I found it all in the hand-cut, hand-tied, colour-safe Twistband Hair Tie.

This unique elastic blend (soft and silky nylon with spandex blend) stretches to whatever you need to keep your hair tied back and you can stylishly rock it on your wrist for those times when you want to wear your hair down.

It goes on easy and stays put, yet you won't believe how comfortable it is to wear. I have had long (or longish) hair most of my life and I have never had a more comfortable ponytail, bun or braid than the ones with my Twistbands.

There are a bunch of different styles and colours. I got the Tie Dye Boho Bright set with Orange, Pink & Lime Green Tie Dye (pictured above) - perfect for accessorizing my spring and summer looks.

Let's hope that the company expands into making clothes and shoes that are this comfy! In the meantime, make the switch to Twistbands.

It's amazing how much of a difference a little fabric can make!

Stephanie Dickison

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