Comfort Is Possible Thanks to Superfeet Premium Insoles!

I have always been hard of my feet.

I've bought inexpensive shoes with little or no support and incredibly high-heeled expensive beauties that tore my feet to shreds.

I used to believe that it was impossible to have my feet feel good in a pair of shoes.

Not anymore, thanks to my discovery of Superfeet Premium Insoles.
All of their insoles help improve foot comfort, support and function by "aligning the bones in a biomechanically-correct way." The differences between the models like in their various volumes, shapes and distinct features.

Each is made to fit in different footwear, which is lucky, because if I know you, you've got as many different pairs of shoes and boots as there are shapes of pasta.

Berry is great for those of us with medium to high arches. It gives us the support we need, no matter what shoes we wear.


These are "specifically engineered to address the unique qualities of women's feet and footwear," which means that whether you are standing giving a long presentation at the office or going for a walk after dinner, the full-forefoot shock pad provides extra comfort and shock absorption under the metatarsals and toes. Also, the foam contours around your foot, giving you the feeling of being pampered all day long. And because of Superfeet's Agion, this antimicrobial top cover treatment reduces bacteria and help prevent foot odor.

So go ahead and do what you've gotta do. These insoles will be just about the only thing that keep up with you throughout the day.

If you're an active gal, get the Green insoles. These will help cushion you while you climb that hill, run that mile, etc.

Do you live in flats or low heels? Then you should get yourself a pair of Women's 3/4 to keep your feet feeling good whether you're at the mall or campaigning for your favourite cause.

If you're feet and flat and sensitive, Black is the way to go. Just imagine - you can finally walk with ease without having to spend huge amounts of money on orthotics.

And for those cold weather shoes and boots, get HotPink. It's an all-in-one warm cushion and supportive device no matter whether there's sleet, snow or ice.

All the Superfeet insoles are super easy to use. Just Trim-to-Fit and walk away in complete comfort.

What I love about discovering Superfeet insoles is that I no longer have to rely on trying to find comfortable shoes.

Now ALL of my shoes are comfortable, thanks to Superfeet!

Can you imagine?!

Stephanie Dickison

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