With Mother's Day Approaching, You'd Better Get Your Amella Caramels Now!

You want to get your Mom something spectacular this year, don't you?

There's no better place to start than Amella Caramels, the World's First Cocoa Butter Caramels!

These cake-inspired treat are not only completely divine, they are 100% natural and made without preservatives. Using only pure cocoa butter and other amazing ingredients such as artisan cocoa, fresh carrots, pecans, passion fruit and tart cherries. The pure cocoa butter gives these caramels a unique, light texture that you wouldn't normally associate with thick, chewy caramel.

And though Amella Caramels are certainly sweet, the recipe contains less sugar than many caramels on the market. This is a nice bonus for those watching their sugar intake and yet still wanting to enjoy sweets.

And there's no doubt you'll find something that both you and Mom can enjoy. What a way to have your cake and eat it too!

- Carrot Cake Cocoa Butter Caramels are like mini carrot cakes enveloped in creamy white chocolate.

- Passion Fruit Cocoa Butter Caramels deliver an exotic fruit explosion with each and every bite. Surrounded by milk chocolate, it is a complete and utter surprise.

- Black Forest Cocoa Butter Caramels remind me so much of my Mom. She used to by this incredibly light Black Forest Cake at a German butcher's near our house when I was small. I want her to have these for sure - a blend of Amarelle cherries, 70% dark chocolate and Tahitian vanilla will bring back those memories and make new ones.

- Get all 3 flavours in the Amella Caramel Collection.

It's going to be the best - and most delicious - Mother's Day ever, thanks to Amella Caramels!

Stephanie Dickison

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