Start With the Right Ingredient - Tasty, Healthy Kitchen Basics Stocks

Lately, I have been cooking like I've got a Food Network crew in the apartment 24/7.

I'm baking, chopping, slicing, searing. It's a little bit crazy, actually, but hey, if I'm going to have an addiction, I think cooking is a pretty safe one to have.

So I am fairly picky about the ingredients I use. Quality is of the utmost importance, because if you start with great products, you'll likely to end up with a pretty stunning meal (unless you forget about the roast in the oven and burn it or accidentally drop it while carrying it over to the cutting board. No reason).

I absolutely love Kitchen Basics Stocks. They are rich, flavourful and so handy in their tetra packs, so I can just grab them as I need them while at the stove. There is no need to add water and they keep for up to 10 days in the fridge, so you don't have to use it all at once like canned stocks. And I don't have to spend all weekend boiling chicken carcasses and skimming fat off the top of pots in order to make it from scratch - Nu uh.

And not to mention healthy. Just take a look at the ingredients of the Unsalted Chicken Stock. You'd be hard pressed to make it that healthy yourself at home and make it taste that good (really, your name would have to be something Oliver, Emeril something. I'm just saying).

Chicken Stock is a pantry must-have for me. I use it just about as often as I use fresh ground pepper (a lot). I like that you can get an Unsalted Version for those watching their blood pressure or if you are using a lot of salty ingredients such as olives and capers. Vegetable Stock would be next in my canon. We have a lot of vegetarian friends and neighbours, so when I know they're coming for supper, I rely on this for the meal. Also, I use it for us when I want to balance the meat and vegetables for the evening. I use Beef Stock for making French Onion Soup, roasts, stews and other hearty dishes or when I want to give heft to a meal.

One of the greatest things about Kitchen Basics, is not just the quality and taste of their stocks, but they are the only company I've ever come across to offer unusual stocks that allows a cook like myself to really have the time of my life in the kitchen. I mean they have it ALL: Turkey, Ham, Clam, Pork, and Seafood. This gives me so many more options now that these are available to me - I can make paella and turkducken, bouillabaisse and Feijoada (Brazilian stew made with pork and black beans). I can do it ALL!!

In fact, now that I've found Kitchen Basics Stocks, I can't live without them. Don't be surprised if the same thing happens to you.

Buy Kitchen Basics Stocks by the case, or find a store near you (Canadians, go here).

You'll be making restaurant worthy fare in no time.

That is, if you don't drop the chicken or burn the roast...

(read about my cooking adventures at One More Bite).

Stephanie Dickison

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