Mmm. You're Going to Love Antica Farmacista's Bath & Body Lotions

There is something so wonderful about slathering on a lotion, letting it sink deeply into your skin.

The nourishing and moisturizing is exactly what your skin needs right now, after a long, harsh winter.

But you want to smell good too.

That's why you've got to envelop yourself in Antica Farmacista's Bath & Body Lotions.

I cannot get enough of their Body Moisturizer.

Not only are you feeding your body with fantastic ingredients such as s aloe vera, apricot kernel oil, green tea and fruit extracts, sweet almond oil, silk amino acids and proteins, shea butter and honey, but your skin will feel so soft, smooth and supple.

In fact, you'll want to wear as little as possible, because your skin has never looked or felt this good before.

And the scents - OMG, the scents. Choose water you are drawn to. My favourite is Acqua. It's like floral scented water. Cool and clean, it makes me feel simultaneously relaxed and energized.

Makes your current moisturizer look pretty plain, doesn't it?

That's because it simply cannot compare to the luxury that Antica Famacista's Body Moisturizer delivers.


Stephanie Dickison

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