Mistura's 6-in-1 Beauty Solution - Perhaps the Easiest Makeup You'll Ever Use!

There is nothing I want more these days than to simplify and do the things I want to do.

Mistura's 6-in-1 Beauty Solution is one of the easiest - and quickest - makeups to apply that I've ever come across. It's unbelievably fast.

Which means, now you can get outta the house much earlier and enjoy this nice weather!

This rosy-pink mineral powder, at first glance, looks like blush, so when the instructions tell you to put on your cheeks and then ALL OVER YOUR FACE ("Don't forget your chin, nice, under eyes and forehead!" it chides), you might think that you're going to look all bronzy and weathered.

However, somehow (and don't ask me how, I'm not a scientist), it goes onto your skin and manages to "hide blemishes, mute rosacea, and glide over fine lines and wrinkles." And here's the surprise - it doesn't matter what skin tone you have, it works with what you've got and makes you look good. Really good. Way better than with that foundation you've been using all of these years.

When you're done, you get this lovely glow - that kind of glow that you get when you've stepped out of a hot bath or come in from a great walk. And go ahead and touch your skin - you won't believe how soft it feels.

It also happens to be hypo-allergenic, fragrance free, anti-inflammatory and you don't need makeup remover or even soap to get it off - simply water will do just fine!

And it is only one step! So you can get ris of your undereye covers and finishing powders and all those "extras" that you've been relying on all these years (You can even use this powder as an eyeshadow and lip colour, so if you want to be really minimal, go for it!).

What freedom!

It is a little strange at first to just use this one product. I mean, you've been lugging around a full makeup case for decades now.

But if you look this good with just one product, why bother with anything else? And it's so fast and easy to apply - you'll be outta the house before the rest of the family for once!

It's truly a revolutionary product, but I think you'll have to try it to see what I mean. But don't blame me if you get all evangelical about it and start to constantly talk about how amazing it is to your friends and colleagues and anyone who will listen to you. It is part of the process!

p.s. If you're looking for a new moisturizer, I'm loving Mistura's Luminada Moisturizer. It gives you an instant ethereal look, complete with luminosity. I call it "angel milk" because it gives you this glow and light that looks like you're being lit from within. I'm completely addicted to it.

Stephanie Dickison

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