Kiss Me Eyeliner & Mascara Stay Put, Until You Tube Them Off!

There is nothing that drives me crazy like washing my face at night and my stay put eyeliner not coming off and my eyes daubed with mascara residue so that I look like the Porter Airlines mascot.

That's why I was excited to try Kiss Me Mascara and Eyeliner.

See, the difference with these cosmetics is that they stay put until you "tube" them off. The water-resistant colour tubes onto your lashes and eyes, so that you get makeup that lasts all day - even if you cry, rub your eyes, it rains, etc. - and then is easily removed at night with lots of warm water and gentle pressure.

I was nervous about applying the liquid Kiss Me Eyeliner, as my hands are not what you would call steady. But I am happy to report that because of the thick consistency and the amazingly designed brush, I got myself a nice Brigitte Bardot look in just a few seconds. And though I always opt for Black, I was pleased with how the Medium Brown looked against my green eyes - much more natural and sophisticated then black, I think.

The Mascara was easy peasy to apply - just put it on as you would regular mascara, even multiple coats. The only difference? You can't apply any additional layers once it's set. The Black made my eyes seem bigger than they are (which is always what I'm striving for with these wee things), and I love how my eyelashes were thick and defined without looking at all garish, which they often do when coated with mascara.

The other difference with these items is that you don't have to spend anymore money on eye makeup removers. Just simply use a lot of warm water and gentle pressure and the tiny tubes will effortlessly slide off. No residue, no racoon eyes, no chemical cleansers.

Get a whole new look - and effortless makeup routine - with Kiss Me Mascara and Eyeliner!

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Stephanie Dickison

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