I Am in Love with Little Jane St. Boutique Stationery & Textile Studio!

I am completely stunned by the beauty of the products at Little Jane St. Boutique Stationery & Textile Studio.

The very pretty and whimsical designs are all done by one little lady - Alarna Zinn. This wonder from down under has created not only unique hand- designed, limited-edition stationery, but hand-printed ribbons, gifts and more that you cannot help but clutch to your chest, bursting with gleeful "Woos" and "Whees!"

Take the Heart Garland, for example (pictured above). The most beautiful, delicate and feminine garland has been created by hand, cut and stitched using recycled storybook paper. This charming decoration went up last week when we had a little get together of friends and neighbours and I love it so much that I'm not taking it down. Sure, I might move it around the house from time to time, but these elegant little hearts are a permanent part of my home now.

And the Cotton Twill Hand Printed Ribbon is just so sweet that you may want to keep it all to yourself. But I say share the love. It's just too beautiful not to spread the word!

The perfect springtime gift may just be the Garden Labels. You can pre-order them now! Made in the kiln and lovingly stamped and labeled, these are the ultimate gift for the green thumb in your family. I am going to use them for my windowsill herbs - who says you have to have a full-size garden to enjoy these beauties?!

Mmmmagnets! These are so sweet - I am going to send all of my closest friends some for their fridge. How can you not smile at these wonderfully made touchstones drawn with cupcakes, crabs, scissors and knitting? Awww!

I've got a lot of occasions coming up - birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I am going to be using these lovely Gift Enclosures and Greeting Cards to express my care and love.

The Royal Typewriter card seems to made just for me, and I know a gazillion girls that would go crazy for the Coin Purse card. The Love Ya card is simple and sweet. And Afternoon Stroll is sadly not going to be sent on at all, but will remain atop my desk. I simply can't part with it - the mood of this card just gets to me.

And that's how I feel about the entire line at Little Jane St. Boutique Stationery & Textile Studio.

It's just so damned pretty, I'll have to get 2 of everything.

Shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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