Do Your Shopping With a Cute, Sustainable Tote From Olive & Myrtle!

I bet you're going to be picking up a few things on your lunch hour or after work today.

I've got to get a bunch of stuff as well. It doesn't matter that I grocery shopped both days on the weekend. I still manage to be out of a number of things...

I wanted something pretty and eco-conscious to carry my items in. That's why I went to Olive & Myrtle.

Their Recycled Cotton Tote Bag: Fruits & Veggies (pictured above) is perfect. Not only is it made from 100% recycled cotton and printed with water-based inks, but is Fair Wage and Fair Labor Certified, so your money is being well, and fairly spent.

The bag is bigger than a grocery bag (19" wide x 15.5" tall x 7.5" bottom gusset. 22" handles), which means you can absolutely pick up those sweet potatoes that would be a great complement to your roast or that set of books that are sale that would be perfect for Mother's Day. I certainly appreciate it as I walk everywhere and would much rather carry one big bag than 5 small ones.

The exclusive design by San Francisco-based Lab Partners makes me think of old cookbooks and rustic recipes that result in comforting, one dish meals with browned breadcrumbs on top. Isn't is amazing? It is the ultimate "to market" bag, I think! And where I live, many of the big farmer's markets start up again next week, so I can stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables, locally raised, hormone-free meats and homemade goodies that I will press into the hands of friends and family.

Of course there are other cool designs to be had. And Olive & Myrtle do way more than tote bags - check out their entire store for amazing products that are eco-conscious as well as pretty and completely amazing in their design.

I'm heading out with my cute bag. I won't be surprised if people stop to ask where I got it. After all, it really is something!

Stephanie Dickison

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