Discover Fun & Cheeky Greeting Cards with Sugarfree Cards

You want a funny birthday card, but not with some silly cartoon on it. You've been searching for the perfect card to express your joy at your friend getting some this weekend for the first time, for like forever, but of course haven't been able to find one.

You can find it all and more at Sugarfree Cards.

Created by Mel Dark, these fresh and funky cards include the categories that you've been craving like weight loss, new condo, sorry, comfort and anytime! These are exactly the up-to-the-minute cards you've wanted, but have never been able to find. I mean, you've never seen one for congratulating your friend on having sex again. But it's about time, isn't it?

Of course she's got you covered with cheeky birthday cards, wedding cards and new baby cards, so you can stand out on the everyday occasion as well as the special days. I mean, these cards are freakin' funny and memorable, so don't be surprised if they are still out on the mantel next time you visit.

And each card is printed on 100% recycled material and packaged in biodegradable bags, so you can be eco-conscious while being the best card giver ever.

So shop for every occasion at Sugarfree Cards and give really cool cards for once.

Stephanie Dickison

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