Continue the Easter Sugar Rush with Cowgirl Chocolate Truffles!

The Easter weekend is coming to a close, but if you're anything like my friends, you haven't even started to get your chocolate fill.

That's because what you just spent eating this weekend was that awful drugstore "chocolate" or that supposedly "good stuff" that really, isn't all that good at all.

What you need is Cowgirl Chocolate Truffles.

I got myself the Cowgirl Fancy Wrap 1/2 Pound Sampler Truffle Box, but as you can see, there is a ton of options to choose from.

The Sampler Box has "Mild Mannered Truffles" like Double Dark, ,Milk, Dark Raspberry Lemonade and Ivory Orange, which are lovely, but it was the Spicy Truffles (Double Dark, Hazelnut Milk, Cappuccino and Raspberry Dark) and Habanero Caramels that I really swooned over. There's something so sexy about spicy hot chocolates and the caramel is simply divine (I'd love just a box of the caramels, they are so addictive).

Each truffle is handwrapped in beautiful coloured foil - the accompanying legend will tell you which is which, but don't be surprised if you down them all in one or two sittings. No one can blame you for chocolates this good.

Easter isn't over yet. Continue the chocolate love with Cowgirl Chocolates & Truffles!

Stephanie Dickison

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