Get Yourself a Pretty Betty Basket Liner (It Turns Into a Handbag)!

With the weather in the 50s today, it's the perfect day to be outside on a bike ride.

But as much as you love your cruiser, you want to pretty it up a little, don't you? Give it a little oomph?

There's no better way than with a very pretty Betty Basket Liner.

And with fun designer fabrics in all sorts of colours and patterns and custom sizes to match your particular bike, you'll get the perfect look and fit for your bike and lifestyle.

Each basket liner not only comes in a fun, colourful design, but is is thickly constructed so that you can fill it up to your heart's delight. Take a trip to the grocery store, library or a park for a picnic and know that you can secure your goodies safely and securely. The thick, cushiony lining will protect your belongings, and the many pockets and keychain holder will keep you organized while you're on the road.

It has everything you could possibly need, right? Well, Founder & Creator Tara Byrnes went one fabulous step further and made it into a convertible handbag, with shoulder straps. So you can take it into a store with you, fill it up and take it back to your bike. Or keep your wallet, phone and keys in it and then when you stop to drop off your DVDs or get an ice cream cone (you simply can't help it with this weather!), you can keep your items with you. Absolutely and positively brilliant!

Bike riding is fun and fancy free, but it just got a whole lot prettier - and functional - thanks to Betty Basket Liners!

Stephanie Dickison

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