Whitelines Are Easy on the Eyes - And Your Pocketbook!

I know you love your computer and gadgets, but we both know that paper still plays a big role in your life.

You couldn't live without a notebook in your purse and even at home, you're using a paper journal to write down your thoughts. These things just translate the same on the screen, do they?

And anyone who uses paper is very particular about it - it's got to be just so for you to feel comfortable with it.

That's why you've got to make the switch to Whitelines.

Swedish designer Olof Hansson came up with the concept of using non-distracting lines. After all, we'd gone our whole lives with dark lines - why not make a change? It would be "nicer to write on and easier to read from. The lines don’t show up on photocopies, there’s less glare in strong light, and people with dyslexia are helped with it, and more..."

This one small change makes a huge difference - you've got to try it to see!

This soft gray paper with white lines makes everything you write and draw look better and it makes it easier to write somehow - something I truly appreciate, as I spend all day at it!

The Perfect Bound Pocket Lined Notebook is perfect for keeping in your bag or pocket, jotting down notes and observations.

For my good notebook** I'm loving the Wirebound A5 lined, 100 sheets. It's got a lovely heft to it and there's room between the lines, so you can get a lot in there - and still be able to read what you've written.

It's lovely to have the lines disappear into the background for once. You truly do write differently on this paper - you get a certain freedom from the restraint of the lines.

And if that isn't awesome enough, all Whitelines products are marked with a carbon footprint - the amount of CO2 that is emitted during the production of the product and the transportation of it to their warehouse. Whitelines says, "We want you to be aware of what you are buying."

Sigh. Now you've got no excuse not to write that novel or screenplay that's been jangling around in your head for the last decade or two.

But don't worry - It'll be easy now that you're using this awesome paper. Just know that it won't be as fun writing on anything else anymore...

** You should always use a "good notebook/journal." Never keep them unused on a shelf somewhere. They are meant to capture your ideas, no matter how messy your handwriting. You deserve to use a sumptuous, good notebook. Like these ones, for example.

Stephanie Dickison

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