Whatever the Occasion, Get Yourself Some of Me Cards!

Years ago I lived above an antique store in a beautiful long apartment with wood floors and an electric fireplace.

Allison, an actress/dancer/singer lived across the hall and she was always coming and going, practicing songs for auditions. I thought she was fascinating. We soon became good friends but eventually we both moved - she to New York to pursue acting and me to downtown to be right in the thick of things.

We have been writing ever since and most recently, she sent me a lovely Some of Me Card.

Once I saw it, I couldn't keep these sweet hand-adorned cards to myself!

You might think the designs are simple looking at first, but with a soft touch and a little embellishment in just the right spot, they become little treasures that you'll display well after the birthday, anniversary or whatever celebration. In fact, I've still got my friend's card displayed on my desk. It arrived over 3 weeks ago.

And the pictures on the website don't do these cards justice. The colours and adornments are much greater than they look on the site. You've got to see them in person to really get how wonderful they are.

Have a summer wedding coming up? Well, you'll want this cutie with the 3D bouquet and beaded trim on her dress. There is even a bead on his lapel! And this one with the silver embellishment - how pretty is that?!

Aww. A rubber duck gets me every time! And my fella is getting the Deeply Madly in Love card in his briefcase - just 'cause. My Mom is getting this card for Mother's Day. It is simple, yet so beautiful. For my girlfriend with the purse addiction, this is the perfect birthday card, and for cutest birthday card ever, the goldfish with orange beaded bubbles wins the prize!

This beautiful birthday card with mark the occasion with glee, and this just says spring, doesn't it? This is one of my favourite birthday cards - the soft vintage print in the background with the silver butterfly and red "berries"is both retro and modern all at once. But this one with the penny (!) is a winner too.

Because I would love to go to Paris, this note of thanks with the teeny little Eiffel Tower means a lot (don't be surprised if you want to keep these cards instead of sending them along!). And a bottle of champagne? There's no better way to say, "Congratulations!"

And you can even stock up on Christmas cards - after all, there are just 9 months left! But with Easter just around the corner, I think you're going to want to get this sweet little bunny and the 2008 Louie Award winning card, "Where's the chocolate?"

I'm stocking up on Some Of Me Cards. They are just too damned pretty to resist.

And they are way too lovely to just keep to yourself.

Stephanie Dickison

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