Show Your Dog Some Love With Earthdog Hemp Collars & Dog Is Good Tees

Your dog will bring you a joy that is unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Their unconditional love doesn't waver depending on their mood or how their day went, like it does with us humans. They will run when you stub your toe while the rest of the family remains seated.

It is absolutely incredible.

So show 'em how much you care with these awesome finds:

Earthdog Hemp Collars

Kym & Dave Colella have 16 rescue dogs at the moment.

And not only do they care for these dogs, they use them as inspiration for all of their eco-friendly, handmade, hemp dog products. They incorporate the rescue dogs' names into the patterns on their amazingly strong, comfortable and stylish collars. There's also a ton of photos on the site to enjoy.

I got our lovely dog, Rip (pictured above, named after actor Rip Torn) one of their decorated collars (you can also choose solid collars). After all, not only is it damn good looking, you wouldn't want something plastic around your neck, would you? I want to give Rip the best possible care I can and I feel that an Earthdog Hemp Collar is certainly showing my immense love for him.

Plus, he looks so handsome in it.

This extraordinary couple has committed themselves to rescuing, caring for and making dogs look and feel their very best. I think they are incredible and I hope you'll support them as well.

p.s. These lovely folks also make harnesses, beds & blankets, chew toys and a ton of other stuff. Check 'em out!

Dog Is Good Tees

Dog is Good was officially founded in 2006 by Gila B.Kurtz Professional Dog Trainer and J.Nichole Smith Professional Pet Photographer but "is inspired daily by their combined group of good dogs: Sasha (mutt), Henry (Japanese chin) and Olivia (great dane). After all... Dog is great, Dog is Good, let us praise him like we should!"

Amen to that!

And being a dog lover, you want to show the world your love. What better way than gifts and clothes especially made for you?

I love their Tees.

The Twofer Long Sleeve shows your devotion to your pooch, all in a soft, comfy tee that is also pretty cool looking. It works for everything from Sunday morning brunch to an evening walk in the park.

If you like something with a little more "oomph," I'd recommend the DIG Bling in Electric Blue. The colour of this shirt is incredible and those rhinestones look amazing against the blue. And this tee, made out of soft pima cotton, may look like a million bucks, but it's as comfortable as PJs, so don't be surprised if you never take the damn thing off.

I'm showing my love for all dogs. I hope you will too.

Note: Rip passed away in October just a couple of days after his 14th birthday. He is sorely missed.

Stephanie Dickison

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