Discover Pretty & Affordable Jewelry by thecharmlady on Etsy!

Every season, I crave the new colour palettes, new skirt lengths and new jewelry to go with it all.

Now I don't have the money to indulge my every want, but I have found fantastic handmade jewelry that is beautiful AND affordable - which means, yes, you can absolutely have it all.

Thanks to The Charm Lady, that is.

Lori, better known as The Charm Lady, makes the most delightful Clay Pendants, Key Fobs, Little Bubble Pendants, Pocket Mirrors, Mouthy Housewife Magnets, Rings and Soldered Glass Pendants by hand.

Having handmade jewelry is so much better than getting something at the mall. It deepens the meaning of it and you cherish it so much more, I think.

Not to mention how alluring looking it is.

I got a Retro Groovy Pendant like this one, but mine is round and has curvy swaths of black and greige, which just happens to be my favourite colour for clothes and design and my favourite nail polish (SpaRitual's Mystic, to be exact). Not only does it look stunning and simultaneously modern and retro, it is only $10 - and if you buy 2, you get one for free.

Even the mall can't compete with these prices!

And may I remind you - these pieces are 100% handmade!

The Mouthy Housewife Magnets make a great gift - they're flat so they are easy to mail! Mine has a seductive redhead in peekaboo lingerie saying, "So many men... so many reasons to sleep alone."

Oh yeah, my single ladies are going to be getting these!

And one of my favourite sections of The Charm Lady site on Etsy is the Little Bubble Pendants.

These little beauties are perfect for spring's pastels and delicate chiffon dresses. I got the Monarch Butterfly (pictured above), which is such a lovely creature and makes me think of warm nights and drinks on a cottage patio.

It's a photograph. A tiny, little photograph. Isn't that awesome?

Oh, and get this - Lori has a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: "Buy any 2 Little Bubble Pendants and receive a 3rd Little Bubble Pendant of your choice (Please put your choice in the 'Message to Seller' Notes upon checkout)."

Sigh. Spring is almost here. And it wouldn't feel quite right without The Charm Lady. In fact, I'm going to celebrate every season with her wares!

Pretty and affordable handmade jewelry - miracles do happen!

Stephanie Dickison

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