- This One's For the Fellas!

I am always impressed by companies that specialize in only one thing.

Because by concentrating on that one thing, they make an exceptional product.

Take, for example.

They have honed in on the fact that fellas don't like to spend too much time browsing and selecting socks - get in and get out, as many have told me time and again.

That's the beauty of They totally get that and cater to men who want to keep things simple and streamlined - buy a bunch of socks that look alike and get on with your day.

The Sockscription was born and now you can choose from a bunch of fantastically made and comfortable socks.

I know this because I planted a pair in with my fella's collection and he slipped them on one day and remarked, "This socks are great. Really comfortable."

I rest my case, folks. He's got like 30 pairs of black socks. There's no way he could have known my little scheme.

These beautiful little puppies are made in Italy with the finest materials. These ain't no buy-'em-in-a-bag-while-you-stock-up-on-chicken-legs-at-the-superstore socks. These are ooh-let-me-feel-your-calf-again-said-the-hot-girl kind of socks.

You can buy t-shirts and underwear here too.

But that's it, thank goodness. Because we used to buy you all these things and now you don't need us for that anymore.

So yes, R-O-C-K-S and we're happy that you're so happy.

We're just glad they haven't figured out how to make your favourite chicken dish or how to do that thing that makes your toes curl.


Stephanie Dickison

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