With Functionalab, Beauty Does Come in A Bottle!

You're doing everything you can to keep old age at bay.

You're washing your makeup off before bed, slathering on creams and lotions... it's all a bit much.

But what if I told you that you could recapture your youth all with a supplement or solution?

It sounds a little Blade Runner-ish, I know, but just hear me out:

Functionalab has created complete science-based supplements for your health and beauty.

Start with a Nutrient Tonic.

These drinkable supplements contain all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that you will help not only get through the day with improved energy or calm, but will fight the effects of aging.

Isn't it nice not to add one more cream to your regime?

I love the tall vial design- it feels like you are zapping away harmful rays like on "V" or something...These low calorie, low sugar drinks not only taste great, but give you the boost you need, wherever you need it the most!

Age Defense also works towards keeping you looking youthful. Just take 1 capsule 3 times a day. Sooo easy.

Beauty Dose, Functionalab's flagship beauty line, focuses on "the strengthening, protection and nourishment of skin, nails and hair. Each individual supplement is packed with potent vitamins, nutrients and minerals targeted at the most important beauty concerns." You can plump up with Collagen, improve your Hair, Skin & Nails, reduce acne, keep pollution and other harmful environmental toxins at bay, and ensure that you'll never have saggy ol' skin.

If you want to improve your health, Functionalab makes that darned easy too:

If you want to add powerful antioxidants to your diet or you're in desperate need of a detox, get Functionalab's Heath Drops. It's so easy - you simply add one full dropper (1 ml) to water or juice and drink up! You're on the road to getting healthier.

Want a powerful supplement? You can improve your memory, make colds a thing of the past or create ease during menopause.

Beauty and health in a bottle? Absolutely, with Functionalab!

Stephanie Dickison

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