prAna Makes the Most Beautiful Sustainable Clothing!

As I get older, I want ultra comfortable clothes. I don't want to feel all bound up and tied. I want to move about with grace, not wobble my way through.

The problem with many comfortable clothes is that they aren't usually all that stylish.

But prAna (meaning breath, life, and vitality of spirit) has created a line of clothing that is beautiful, sustainable and so damn comfortable that you can do yoga, climb a mountain or dance all night long!

Nature is the guiding force behind the label, and you'll see it in their use of colours and materials. Being socially and environmentally responsible is also at the forefront of their mission, so they use sustainable materials (continually increasing the use of organic cotton, as well as sourcing other natural fibers and innovative recycled/upcycled materials) and practices.

They work with their partner 3Degrees to "support new US based wind energy projects through the purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs). In 2009 the impact of the NPI program will prevent over 12,000 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the earth’s atmosphere. Simply by supporting renewable energy for our prAna Headquarters, all of our employees’ homes, our one prAna retail location and 250 of our US retailers, the NPI program will create an environmental benefit equivalent to removing over 1,677 average cars from the road annually."

So, you get gorgeous clothes that you can actually wear and live comfortably in, look awesome and support a company that is making a difference.

(They also offer Men's Clothing and Accessories, so be sure to check those out as well)

I am sportin' the Heart for Africa Beanie, which keeps me warm (it's been freezing here!) and looks damn sweet. The soft knit (100% acrylic) blends together pale colours - pinks, blues, greens (your friends will be regretting their usual black option) - for a really feminine and pretty look.

And by purchasing this hat, you will be helping support African women from Swaziland who are learning crafts to support themselves and their family. Isn't that amazing?!

The Britt Sweater is perfect for this frigid cold. It's nice and long, but not at all shapeless like those ones at the mall. The soft knit cotton forms to your curves and thanks to a scoop neck, zip front and slightly belled sleeves, it's got a unique look - blending the old school ski sweater with a modern cut and look. Perfect!

It's hard to find a dress that suits every season, but I'm convinced that the Lacie Dress is all that and more!

The vintage-look washed organic cotton is edged in wide lace and though it looks damn fine and fancy, it's so comfortable, you'll feel a little like you're out in your nightie.

It's got that perfect ability of covering you up while still creating a sleek and sexy look - it's semi-fitted so you get that give that you crave for crave, but it skims your body in just the right places (5% spandex) so that it's completely flattering, no matter how many tacos you had for dinner (3) or how bright the light (simulating the sunshine, our kitchen is now as bright as a pharmacy).

And the ultimate test? I tried it on as soon as it arrived and my fella came through the door just a moment later. He said I looked ravishing - and then he ravished me.

'Nuff said!

And the Dana Jacket (pictured above) is absolutely stunning. First of all, the cut and shape is incredibly sexy and the a-line shape is definitely appreciated (especially if you spent the holidays mowing your way through food and desserts). The high collar not only keeps the wind out, but gives you an air of intrigue, like you're a Russian spy and not just some girl who can't stop staring at that guy at the coffee shop...

It's double-breasted which looks damn classy and yet it's 100% cotton fleece so it's ultra comfortable.

Looking good never felt so good.

These are just a few things I love at prAna.

Shop the store and find your own must-have items!

Stephanie Dickison

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