It's Not Too Late - Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts For Him and Her!

There are still a few days left in which to get a rockin' present for your loved one. Here are a few places to start to get the ball rolling:

**Fresh Frances Fine Stationery**

Stand out from the crowd with a vintage-y card with modern sensibilities from Fresh Frances. They are such fun!

You could get a box of notes for your special someone, or a simply divine Thank You card ought to get the message across.

These wonderful Spiral bound Mini Notebooks are a lovely gift and though they are not Valentine's Day cards per se, the Anniversary cards have the same sentiment, such as Cream in my Coffee.

Fun and kitschy, Fresh Frances cards are timeless.

And what better way to express yourself?

**Equmen - Men's Compression Clothing**

Good lord these clothes do a lot! Check this out:

"Equmen compression undershirts and underwear are engineered with seamless athletic technology and physiotherapist techniques for ergonomic results. Equmen Helix-Mapping Technology focuses on core body mechanics – optimising support, improving posture stability and slimming at the same time. This makes Equmen compression clothing ideal for any man, whether he wants to slim his body under a suit, reduce back pain, or improve performance in any sporting activity."

So, I get my guy the Core Precision Undershirt.

First of all, before we get to all that it does, can I just say how hot it looks? Just look at how it forms to the body, how it skims the body in all the right places!

So it looks ubersexy and then, it goes on to "sculpt, tone and improve body mechanics." It's a shirt with a built in brain!

So you're not just giving your guy a shirt. You're giving him a whole new way of living! All with an undershirt. How amazing is that?!

And I don't want to get too personal or anything, but if you think the shirt looks good, wait 'til you see what the Precision Underwear does. It's like living with David Beckham! I swear, it's the sexiest underwear I've ever seen for a guy.

So it's a present for you as much as it is for him - is that such a bad thing?

The great part is that these pieces are so damn comfortable, that he will want to wear them all the time.


One last thing - can we convince Equmen to make this stuff for women? Can you imagine?!


**Top Chef Quickfire Challenge Game**

Is your Valentine a foodie? Do they spend their free time searching out truffle oil or trying to perfect their paella?

Then you've gotta get 'em the New Top Chef Quickfire Challenge Game!

This little box holds a ton of exciting possibilities for 2-6 players or teams, vying for the title of Top Chef.

With 6 game boards (that you fill with the cutest little knife cutouts!), 150 trivia cards, 1 die, 1 category card and a Top Chef cheat sheet, you've got a recipe for an informative and entertaining night!

The categories include: The Chefs, The Challenges, The Food, Culinary 101 and Tools & Techniques.

There are general knowledge questions such as "What is raw milk?" but you've got to be on your game if you're going to win, correctly answering questions such as "In the Season 1 episode in Napa, who was the only chef who did not use lamb in his dish - Stephen, Harold or Dave?" and "In Season 2's challenge at Social restaurant, what medicine did the judges say Josie's and Marisa's prickly pear and coconut soup resembles?"

If you can remember Season One's Miguel Morales or Season 3's Micah Edelstein, then you're going to be okay!

The only problem with this game is it's going to make you extremely hungry, so be sure to have snacks on hand (and wine wouldn't hurt either)!

After the game, perhaps you can have your own Top Chef Challenge in the kitchen - Okay, everybody has to make a meal with a grapefruit and grappa.


Stephanie Dickison

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