Have Fun This Weekend with Pure Fun Candy, Bling Strands

Have you noticed how since many of us work on the weekends, the fun has slowly gone missing from our Saturdays and Sundays?

They've become all about errands and getting things done.

I think we should infuse more fun into our weekends, just like it used to be before flex time, freelancing and the internet!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

**Pure Fun Candy**

Candy is okay in small amounts, but it's even better if its organic.

Pure Fun Candy offers a wide variety of hard and cotton candies that are made with real, organic ingredients and don't include gluten, GMO'S, FD&C colors, casein, dairy, artificial flavors, dyes, synthetics, pesticides or preservatives.

That means that you're getting good ingredients that have been fairly traded. Isn't that the kind of company you want to support?

And thereare so many varieties to choose from - luscious cotton candy, organic candy canes, Chocolate Meltdowns, Citrus slices, Barrels of Fun (delicious root beer - watch out, these are addictive!), Mint pinwheels (great for after dinner), Jaw Boulders (the Ginger Spice are hot!), Fruit Rocks (so many flavours), Pinwheels (memories of childhood) and Pure Pops that are so much fun to have around the house (there is also a Halloween pack available).

What I love about Pure Fun Candy is that the flavours are rich and vibrant and they last a long, long time.

These are quality candies that have been made with great thought and care.

Why would you want anything else?

Find out where to get them nearest you. And bring the fun of childhood back into your life with Pure Fun Candy.

**Bling Strands**

Do you have dull, lifeless winter hair?

Then it's time to liven things up with Bling Strands.

These incredibly thin shimmery strands tie into your own hair, giving your look a little glam for once. You can switch 'em out at any time for other colours. There are 30 to choose from, so chances are you're going to want to try them all.

To see how easy they are to put in, click on "How To Video". Watch the knots used and how the strands are applied.

You can leave 'em in and wash, dry, curl and flat iron your hair with them in (up to 425 degrees). Which means, they are made to work with your busy schedule and lifestyle.

Just because you're busy doesn't mean you can't look fabulous.

Wear them to a wedding, to the club or just out on the town.

Click on "Near You" to find out what salons carry them close to your home.

**FroliCat BOLT**

Okay, so this is more for your cat than for you, but believe me when I tell you - you'll have a ball watching your cat respond to FroliCat BOLT.

Cats love to follow and leap after lasers. We have been through about 10 little tiny crappy ones with our cat. There are 2 problems with them though - they take about 6 batteries each (that last about 10 minutes) so they always wear out quickly and you have to wiggle them around for your cat until it tires of it. Which is never. Your hands will give out long before your cat does.

That's the sheer genius of BOLT. This interactive laser shoots it around the room all by itself. You just have to turn it on.

At first it might seem a little lazy on your part - what, you're just going to sit there while the cat plays? But trust me - it's a freakin' life saver for those days when Frisky has cabin fever and you're both climbing the walls.

Get the FroliCat BOLT now!

Stephanie Dickison

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