CAZZ Folding Flats are the Best Traveling Companions!

I don't know about you, but I love a rockin' high heel.

Teetering high. Where my leg is instantly elongated and my gait gets a little more ba-dunk-a-dunk-dunk.

However, I am a regular woman. Not one that is driven around from place to place like a socialite or Hollywood star. I walk everywhere. I also do things like grocery shop, pick up the dry cleaning and run around town looking for the perfect hostess/birthday/anniversary present in between my job, which entails interviewing people in various locations around town, hosting a radio show once a month, etc.

Towering high heels are not made for this kind of life.

So when I saw CAZZ folding ballet flats, I knew that they would become a part of my daily life.

They were created by two university friends, Warren and Ray. They came to be after, "On a night out in Taipei during the summer of 2006, Ray and a female companion spent an evening exploring the busy night markets. As the end of the night approached, Ray noticed his friend taking out a pair of tightly bounded sandals which were forcefully folded and tied with a rubber band to neatly fit in her purse. They were packed earlier in anticipation of the long walk back to the Metro which would have been difficult in her heels. This memory would later be revisited."

And we've all had those moments - the high heel that takes us from Point A to Point B, but ever so painfully. Sure they look good, but if you have to walk more than a few feet, you'll need people on either side of you to prop you up the rest of the way.

There is much to love about these shoes.

First of all, they are damn pretty. The website doesn't do justice to the material or the colours. The 3 colours - Mercury Silver, Midnight Black and Pearl White - are metallic, yes, but more or a brushed metal than brash foil, so they will look awesome whether you're wearing skinny jeans, a bridesmaid dress (we can't help you with the dress part, unfortunately) or a miniskirt the size of a belt (you can totally pull it off - how is that?).

Secondly, they fold easily. There's no having to get this part into that part like other folding shoes I've had.

Also, they have a rubber sole, which means you can actually wear them back to the hotel along that gravelly pavement or down to the subway and have your feet protected and secure.

The gathered back is super comfortable as well as stylish and the padded insoles help keep your feet feeling good from dinner to dawn.

Each pair is extremely affordable and come in the cutest matching case that will take up so little room in your luggage that you'll want to get one in each colour, just to be safe.

And if you're smart, you'll keep a pair on you at all times and not just when you're going to a wedding, away on a trip or for a girl's night out.

Just last night I had my patent leather aqua boots on with the 4 inch heels. I had only planned on walking a couple of blocks and then back home, but 2 blocks turned into 10, into 20, into well, getting home 6 hours later!

You'd better believe that my CAZZ flats are my new traveling companions, wherever I may be!

Stephanie Dickison

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