Keep Your New Year's Resolution of Eating Right with Mike Organic Curry Love!

Usually on your list of resolutions, you'll find "eat better," or "eat healthier," right?

Well, I've just made it that much easier for you, with Mike Organic Curry Love!

Out for a magical dinner of Indian last night, my good friend who is a wonder in the kitchen told me how she just can't make a curry that she thinks is good.

That's because she hasn't had Mike Organic Curry Love sauces.

Founder Mike Buechi crafted these sauces using certified organic ingredients. Usually with pre-made curry sauces, you're looking at a lot of unwholesome ingredients and calories, but Curry Love sauces have only ingredients that you know and can pronounce (coconut milk, soy sauce, ginger, lime juice, chile powder, etc.), which means that they not only taste good, but are healthy.

There are 3 creamy, velvety sauces to choose from - Passion Red Thai, Blissful Banana Ginger and Luscious Yellow Thai Curry. The red has some heat, which is a welcome change as most prepared sauces hold back on the spice intensity, while the others are a little more mellow.

What I like about these sauces is that flavours develop throughout the meal. One minute you might taste ginger and the next, garlic or lime. And because they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, anyone can use them to enhance their meals - woo woo!

Pop veggies, seafood, poultry or meat into a pot, add sauce and serve over rice. Dinner is done and oh-so-delicious. Have a look at the recipes provided or make your own! It's so much fun when you don't have to spend the time comprising the sauce!

Buy them singly or as a set, but buy them you should. (also note: 1% of all of sales go to causes benefiting the environment and the packaging is biodegradable and recycleable)

If you've always stayed away from jarred curry sauces, I understand. But the wait is over my friends. Curry Love is here to stay!

Okay, so, now that you've got this resolution outta the way, what are you going to work on next?!

Stephanie Dickison

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