Health & Beauty Fix-Its That You're Going to Love from SnorePro, Revitalash & The X-Tensor!

Now that it's the start of the new year, aren't you hankering to fix things that have been on your list since last year?

I've got some great suggestions. Check these out!


If you or your partner snore, the SnorePro is fabulous solution!

This sweet little device detects and records loud snores and then sends a digital pulse that helps reduce snoring!

Instead of you being the one to shake your mate awake in order to quell the awful sounds, the SnorePro does it for you. It actually trains the snorer to stop eventually.

How cool is that?!

2010 can absolutely be the year that you leave snoring behind!

Get the SnorePro for you and everyone else you know who suffers with a snorer. It will change your life!


My friend Chantal has the most beautiful long eyelashes. When she blinks, it's like an ostrich's eyes opening and closing - so sexy!

But I've discovered that you don't have to live with the stumpy eyelashes that you were born with and you don't have to rely on mascaras that claim to lengthen and thicken your lashes.

Because there's Revitalash!

This Eyelash Conditioner is so easy to use - just apply once a day at bedtime at your lashline. In no time, you'll see your lashes darken, lengthen and thicken. It's truly unbelievable! And go ahead and put it on your eyebrows to fill in those overplucked areas!

Talk about a revolution - I now have the lashes I've always coveted.



If you have ever suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist pain, hand stiffness, tennis elbow or any job-related strains on your hands, the X-Tensor is for you.

I have had carpal tunnel for years and the X-Tensor, though it looks like Skeletor's hand, has helped strengthen my fingers and hands and relieve the pain.

What's so brilliant about it is that you can adjust the tension to each finger, so if you need a little more work on one more than the other, you can focus it where it needs to go.

This wonderful invention allows you to reduce stiffness, restore balance and improve your dexterity, so if you're a guitar player or a pizza maker, perhaps this is something you should consider.

I got the 1 Complete Yellow Xtensor with 16 Fingerbands and DVD, but there are many to choose from.

Imagine a day where your hands feel strong and you have no pain.

It's possible with the X-Tensor!

Stephanie Dickison

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