Go Green & Natural This Year with True Body Products, Goodbye Detergent & live-live & organic!

Is one of your new year's resolutions to be more green this year?

I think there are always improvements to be made in what we're doing and how we're living. And with all these companies making ingenious products, it's getting easier and easier.

Like these three, for example:

**True Body Soap**

I looooove True Body Soap! It has everything you want - only 5 ingredients (Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Water, Vegetable Glycerine and Sodium Citrate) - and nothing that you don't, like animal by-products, synthetic ingredients, fragrance or colour.

With most natural soaps, you don't get a rich lather, which I always miss. But with True Body Soap, the lather is good and thick. Yay!

And it comes in a 3-pack to provide better value while minimizing packaging.

Get a True Body Soap 3-pack and stay clean all winter long!

**Goodbye Detergent**

I don't know how they came up with this magical product, but The Spaghetti Scrubs use no soap and yet, they clean your dishes, pots and pans, etc.

Isn't that incredible? All with the all-natural materials of corn cobs and peach pits!

Because they are pliable, you can get into corners, which means you can use them not just for your plates and bowls, but on the countertop as well (they say you can even use them to peel vegetables!). They are better than sponges because they don't smell or get moldy. When you're done with these beauties, you simply rinse them and leave over your faucet to dry.

They last for months, so you save money on replacing them as well as on all the soap you don't need to use anymore!

Woo woo!

Make the switch - buy your own Spaghetti Scrubs!

**live-live & organic bodycare**

It doesn't get much more natural than live-live & organic's bodycare products.

Take their Bee Yummy Skin Food, for instance. Not only is it handmade, but it's edible! This real food for your skin works as a moisturizer as well as a rejuvenative and nutritive cream. There are no preservatives, synthetics, chemicals to worry about!

It is made from natural ingredients - Wildflower Honey, Honey Cappings, Bee Pollen, Propolis, St. John’s Wort Oil, Royal Jelly, Purified Water, and Balsam Fir Needles as fragrance - and it even comes with a money back guarantee!

You can use it for just about anything. Can you say that about your current face cream?

For these drying winter months, you'd better stock up on Yummy Love Butter. It's 100% organic and cold-pressed coconut oil, which will keep you moisturized and supple all season long. Naturally.

And just because it's cold out, doesn't mean you shouldn't be wearing sunscreen. I like live-live's Sunscreen with MSM and essential oil of orange. It feels good to be protected by all-natural ingredients. It'll keep mosquitoes away as well.

If you want to make the move away from using chemicals on your body, make the switch to live-live & organic.

Stephanie Dickison

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