Get Primed with Senna Cosmetics!

Senna Cosmetics Founder Eugenia Weston knows whereof she speaks.

This Emmy-nominated, celebrity makeup artist was always blending makeups to come up with the look she wanted. It was only natural that she create a line of her own.

She calls it, "the first complete artist line created for everyday women to use at home."

Thankfully, it is easy to use. As you know, I'm a complete spaz when it comes to makeup, so I'm grateful that I don't have to be certified in order to look good!

And speaking of looking good, HD Hydra-Cover is a concealer that uses light diffusing pigments to make your dark circles disappear as well as any pigmentation, redness and those pesky blemishes that still arise, despite being a full-grown lady! I like the way it feels - completely weightless and yet full of moisture. There are 3 shades and a brush, so you can really cater it to your skintone and target specific areas differently.

Yep, this is quality stuff, right here. Despite having gone to be close to 2 am last night, I'm suddenly looking positively (and surprisingly) spritely!

And it doesn't stop there - Senna's Mineral Eye Lift Powder also uses light diffusing mineral pigments, but this time it's a airy powder that you apply (again, no great skills needed, thank goodness). It's like a mini eye-lift without all of the pain, expense and discomfort of surgery! And as if that's not a blessing enough, thanks to the addition of Golden Seaweed, it "helps stimulate collagen to repair while you wear."

Good Lord, when you're finished with these two, trust me when I say that years will be shaved off your appearance. YEARS!

You've got to give the Totally Transforming Lip Primer a go - you'll look a little Marcel Marceau, but it's worth it!

It looks like foundation, so your lips will suddenly be very, very nude. However, they will be smoother and fuller (collagen tripeptides and silicone). Your lines will be filled, your lips will be soft and no one will know that doesn't come naturally to you.

I won't tell if you don't.

And now that your lips are oh-so-soft and sexy, put on some Sheer Lipstick SPF 15. I like it because it gives you just a little bit of colour and shine, without the slick, slippery look of gloss.

Jojoba and avocado help lock the moisture in, so you don't get that dry caked look moments later (you're going to want to put this right in your purse so that it's always close at hand). It's damn flattering, this look. Like you're almost not wearing any at all, but there's this soft, feminine touch.

These products are unique and superb quality. And they make you look like yourself, but a much, much better version.

Senna Cosmetics - makeup to seriously swoon over.

Stephanie Dickison

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