Get Organized This Year with The Power Shelf & MagnaPods!

I always get the urge to clean and organize at the beginning of the year, and I am always on the hunt for better ways to organize myself and our home. It's a constant juggling act, don't you find?

Well, I've found some incredible products to help the process. Come have a look and get yourself all sorted out for 2010!

**The Power Shelf**

Between my fella and I, we have a ton of electronics - smartphones, mp3 players, computers and other assorted gadgets. And they all have to be powered, charged and kept going in order to keep up with our frenetic lifestyles.

That's where the lovely Power Shelf comes in.

It is an outlet cover that comes with a shelf in order to hold your electronic device and keeps your cords neatly together and up and outta the way! And you can install your shelf above or below the outlet, depending on what you'll use it for and where your outlet is placed.

The Power Shelf comes in a range of colours and styles and is made of 18-gage steel - in other words, it's made to last!

What I like about it most is that I used to charge my phone using an outlet in the bedroom, right in the baseboard. I'd have to leave my phone on the floor, hoping that I, the cat or my guy wouldn't accidentally step on it in the middle of the night. Now I don't have to worry about that. I also like that I can manage the cord clutter finally (so many cords and cables!) and that I now have a designated home for charging and powering your devices.

Which, as you know, is one of the golden rules of being organized!

Buy a bunch. You're going to need 'em!


I find that by the end of the year, my bathroom cabinet needs to be cleaned out - I've got products that I've tried and then abandoned for others, bottles that are only half full and can now be amalgamated and there are a bunch of things that need to be thrown away.

Two things that need a permanent home, however, are:

- my toothbrush, and
- my cosmetics

These remain unchanged and always need to be accessible, preferably from the same place.

That's why I'm thrilled to have found MagnaPods! These magnetic organizers are specifically made to organize your medicine cabinet.

The clear, durable plastic containers allow you to compartmentalize items while still being able to see everything. And because they are magnetic, you can move them to wherever you like, customizing your medicine cabinet to your needs.

How cool is that?!

I got the MagnaPods Tooth Brush Holder so that my brush stays in one place and I can reach for it with ease.

I also got the Cosmetic Organizer. You can get one with adjustable dividers or fixed. This allows you to finally organize your cosmetics, tools such as brushes, etc., and keep everything organized and neat. What a feeling!

And hey, there's nothing that says you have to use these only in the bathroom. You could use them in your fridge, laundry room, in your office or in your kid's school locker. The possibilities are endless!

Hmm. Maybe I'll reorganize the fridge after all...

Stephanie Dickison

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