Holiday Gifts For Everyone On Your List from My Tagalongs, Tommy John & PiSAT Solar!

**For Your Girlfriend - My Tagalongs Little Black Distress Kit**
This is one of those items that you find and think, "Where has this been all my life?!"

A life-saver for sure, the kit includes:

- 2 garment deodorant remover sponges
- 1 pair stay-up stockings
- 1 pair foot cushions and
- a 911 tin

As a bonus, it also has 4 on-the-go wipes for your make-up, nails, deodorant and personal care, which means that if you're stuck in the airport awaiting your flight, you'll be the only one looking and feeling fresh!

Trust me, your friend will be forever grateful for a present such as this.

**For Your Boyfriend - Tommy John Undershirt**

I've recently made over some guy friends, finally convincing them that the droopy look is not flattering and to finally get fitted shirts.

This goes for your undershirt too, which thankfully Tommy John gets, and is sharing with the rest of the world.

The Long Sleeve Stay Tucked allows your fella to look good AND stay warm all winter long. It won't come undone or make him look like the Michelin man at any time, so he'll look tailored and put together, as he should.

He'll appreciate the Micro Modal/Lycra fabric blend as it is soft and pliable, allowing him to move and breathe, while staying cozy in the worst weather.

And you'll appreciate how good he looks, so don't be surprised if it doesn't stay on him very long...

**For the Outdoors Lover - PiSAT K-Light Solar Lantern**

Do you know someone who loves to go camping on weekends or trek across the Andes on their vacation?

Then this is the ultimate gift for anyone who spends time outdoors!

Not only is this lantern eco-friendly, it's solar powered and incredibly mobile! It is about the size and weight of a soda can (22 oz.), so even the most adventurous travelers can take it with them - it will stand up to just about any kind of weather!

The LEDs give off a bright, yet energy-efficient light and because it's solar-powered, you don't have to worry about carrying around extra batteries with you!

Use it as a lantern or a flashlight, set it on low or high - it will give you 100,000 hours of light! That's a lot of trips up and down Mount Everest...

It's rechargeable, shatter and water-resistant and can last 10 years if it's used every day, or a lifetime if you're simply using it for recreation or emergencies.

The K-Light is simply the best lantern around. Talk about a fantastic present!

Stephanie Dickison

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