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Talika specializes in making your eyes even more beautiful than they are.

Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of your mascara and false eyelashes for once and all

Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel oughtta do it - use it for just 28 days and see your lashes lengthen up to 2.5 mm! Your eyelashes become thicker, fuller and a little glossy, which means you can skip all that lash maintenance finally.

What's amazing about this gel is:

1. It truly works, at least on me
2. It is easy to use - just apply using the built-in applicator brush
3. The natural formula is made from plant extracts and castor oil
3. It was created by Dr. Danielle Roches in 1948 to treat severe burn victims, but the side effect was that it stimulated eyelash and eyebrow growth.

Isn't that awesome?

The Eyebrow Lipocils works in the same manner - naturally thicker eyebrows in 28 days!

A number of years ago, an acquaintance gave me my first eyelash curler. I had never used one before, but what a difference it makes - your eyes become bigger and wider and your lashes all of a sudden look lengthier! So over the years, I have had various versions, but nothing as spectacular as Talika's Heated Eyelash Curler!

This silver beauty is so incredible - it heats up in 15 seconds, when bam! - your lashes are twice as curved! Using Japanese technology, it gently heats up enough to curl your lashes without damaging them. And it lets you know when it's ready - just click the blue button and the red surface will turn white when it's ready for use. If you are going to get an eyelash curler, this is the one to get!

And if puffy eyes and dark circles are your problem, get rid of 'em - no, really! - with Eye Detox Contour Gel.

My Mom has always had dark circles and bags under her eyes - until she used Eye Detox. Not only does it decrease puffiness and dark circles, but it seems to get rid of them completely. Imagine never looking tired or worn out again. Imagine smooth, bright skin under your eyes.

I have seen it, folks. It's an incredible, incredible thing!

For me, I'm living for my Eye Dream, a silver wand that holds a wondrous crème that is dabbed under the eyes at night.

See, it seems that during sleep, "the delicate skin around your eyes loses up to 50% of its moisture and is most biologically receptive to external hydration and nourishing ingredients," Talika states. And since your body is in recovery mode, seeking out available amino acids while you're sleeping, it makes sense that you would apply it at night.

What happens overnight is what seems like a miracle - your eyes are brighter, the skin around them is supple and you look younger, refreshed and well, let's face it, like a whole new you!

Talika is your go-to source for premium eye care. Me and Mom are proof of that.

Stephanie Dickison

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