Beautiful, More Youthful Skin Can Be Yours with Dr. Semel Skin Care Products!

I always think that if a plastic surgeon has created a skincare line, it's got to be pretty good. After all, their goal is to make your skin appear as youthful as possible.

And with Dr. Semel Skin Care Products, you will see your skin transform from "ehh" to "oh my god" in just the first day or two!

Take the Eye Repair, for example. This beige cream is packed with botanical tighteners, so whether you up late writing to deadline or out all night with friends for Nuit Blanche, you will awake to looking refreshed and perhaps even a little younger. And if you use it regularly, it will "stimulate cellular regeneration," which means you'll look more like a gossip girl than a desperate housewife.

And in case you're worried about it being all chemical-y and full of scary ingredients, you can relax. Dr. Semel uses phytoestrogens, enzymes, Retinol, Omega-3 lipids, and vitamins B5, B6, C and E for his Eye Repair, so there's no chance of Joan Rivers eyes here.

Timelapse G is what Dr. Semel calls Botox Alternative Wrinkle Cream, so you've gotta know you're going to get results. And what is remarkable about this sweet-smelling cream is that it smooths your skin while filling in your wrinkles (with hydrolyzed sesame protein of all things!). INSTANTLY. And then it works to improve your skin the more you use it.

At only $30 a jar, it is an affordable and safe alternative to any surgeries that you may be considering and a way to reverse the signs of aging without dishing out hundreds of dollars for various creams and lotions that may or may not work.

And for the ultimate in convenience, the Timelapse Wand is also a Botox Alternative. It diminishes your fine lines in a portable wand that you can keep in your purse for quick touch ups. You can also work those bags under your eyes with this little beauty, which on days like this, you need more than ever!

Look, nothing's going to make you look 23 again, but these products from Dr. Semel are going to give you a youthful look that will have your friends wondering whether you've got something done or not.

Don't worry. I won't tell. It can be our little secret...

Stephanie Dickison

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