Change It Up And Do Something Fun This Weekend!

Because I'm a freelance writer, my deadlines can fall on a Saturday or Sunday and often while most people are out shopping and brunching, I am hunched over my little rolltop desk working.

I know the importance of taking time off, but I find it extremely difficult and sometimes even feel guilty for not working (my desk is at the end of our bed, so that doesn't help matters. I can see my piles of working awaiting me).

So I have come up with some activities that not only take me away from my looming work, but are fun and original and can be done at anytime.


There is such freedom in using Yoga-Paws! No more having to roll out or carry a mat. Just slip these mini mats on your hands and feet for either yoga or pilates exercises and get moving quickly and safely!

These are fantastic because they are small enough to throw in your gym bag, briefcase, tote bag or carry on so you can really use them anywhere.

And they are made of an eco-friendly material that is free of chlorides, latex and pvc and provides great stability while absorbing dirt, oil and yes, even perspiration.

Which means that maybe I'll actually start watching and following those yoga DVDs that leer at me every time we watch TV.

I mean, I've really got no excuses anymore, do I?!

You've Been Sentenced!

After a long day of writing to deadline (my television screenwriter fella and me, a magazine writer), you'd think the last thing we'd want to do is craft sentences.

That's what we thought, until we actually tried You've Been Sentenced!, an award-winning board game.

The way it works is you get 10 cards. Each card has a number of words on it. You can choose any word on the card and use between 2 to 10 cards to form a sentence. Then your read out your sentence and your opponents get to choose whether it is passable or not.

The fun begins when you pick out your 10 cards and realize you have no articles. It is extremely difficult to form a sentence without as, a, the, but it's kind of a fun challenge at the same time!

The ante is upped when the first person who finishes their sentence turns over the timer. This means you've only got until the sand runs out to complete your sentence. The pressure! The drama! The crazy sentences!

We played 2 rounds our first time because it was so much fun! And thanks to YBS Add-On Decks, you not only have more cards to choose from, but the categories add a whole new layer of enjoyment. I love the Pop Culture Deck with Ashlee Simpson, Tom Cruise and words like Wii and email. I like the challenge of the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Deck, because other than Battlestar Galactica and Darth Vader, I don't know what any of it is. I of course can't get enough of the Gourmet Cuisine Deck.

We had so much fun that we're having a game night at our place in September with our friends and neighbours, so they can try out You've Been Sentenced! too.

It's such a fun way to spend the night!

Punk Rope

Back when I was fitness instructor, I was working out every 2nd day and part of my routine was skipping rope.

It's a great cardio workout and I found it to be a lot more enjoyable than stuck on a machine for half an hour.

But I reached a plateau - I not only ran out of steam, I ran out of moves. And slowly, I started moving towards other activities to keep in shape.

Now that I'm working at home, I need to shake things up and be creative about keeping fit.

One of the best ways I've found is with the Never Mind Aerobics Here's Punk Rope DVD. It's a 50-minute, energetic workout that includes:

- a rope jumping lesson
- warm-up and cool-down
- 6 invigorating conditioning drills
- 5 high-energy, rope jumping intervals

I like that it is for all fitness levels (because let's face it, after our party that went until late last night, I'm not going to jumping like I would on a Tuesday morning after a good night's sleep) and that it is unlike the usual crop of aerobic videos.

The punk music keeps your energy level high and it's a great soundtrack for not only working out, but getting ready for a night on the town, a party with friends and neighbours or just generally listening to around the house. It's fun and lively and good for those of you who might think that punk's not your thing. This just might change your mind.

And to top it off, the rope you get - The Slasher,a see-thru, licorice whip red beauty- is made in the USA by people with disabilities.


Stephanie Dickison

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