Celebrate Summer With Secret, Broil King & Switchflops!

There is still at least a month of summer left, folks, so get out and enjoy the hot days and sultry nights while you can. And these products below will help you be make the most of it.

Check it out:

Secret's Summer Cool Toeless Thigh Highs

My legs are far from shaving cream ad beautiful. My knees are covered in bruises from hand washing the floor. I fell for the first time in decades so now I have a bright pink circle on my left knee and despite using an amazing self-tanning lotion that doesn't streak (hallejuah!), my legs look startling pale in the sunlight.

That's why I love Secret's Summer Cool Toeless Thigh Highs! They give you the coverage you want - you can't tell you're wearing anything with their awesome Summer Nude colour - without the old lady look and feel of regular pantyhose.

Your pretty polished tootsies will peep out of your sandals, showing off your latest pedi, and your legs will look startling good. I could swear mine looked Katherine Heigl-ish and slimmer than usual.

Now I'm rockin' my miniskirts and summer dresses with verve and confidence.

Finally, because the summer is already halfway over!

Broil King's Gathering Around the Grill Cookbook

Nothing says summer like a backyard barbecue. And with Broil King's Gathering Around the Grill Cookbook, you're sure to have the perfect party filled with good food and friends.

Authors Kris Schumacher and Andrea Witzel produced the Barbecue Genius Grillers Handbook that has accompanied every new Broil King since 1997, so these gals know whereof they speak.

This beautiful, almost coffee table book is really a pleasure to look at, not something that you can say about all cookbooks. Much of that has to do with Bryn Gladding's photos and the design of the book.

Included are menus, how to handle foods, how to shop for ingredients, the tools and accessories you'll need and grilling methods - including the all important directions of how to get perfect grill marks!

The menus are divided into wonderful themes so that all of a sudden, party planning has become a simple event instead of the usual panic and worry fest (you know what I'm talkin' about!).

Take the Awaken Your Senses Menu:

Jewel Cocktails
Thai Chicken Patties with Spicy Dipping Sauce
Grilled Asparagus and Prosciutto Spears
Avocado and Arugula Salad
Honey Garlic Leg of Lamb on the Rotisserie
Moroccan Couscous
Stir-Fried Vegetables
Rhubarb Pudding Cake

There's no way that you could have come up with something that amazing yourself!

And what makes it all the more relaxing is that the authors break it down for you so that you know what to do up to one week ahead, one day ahead, the morning of, as the night unfolds and immediately before serving. It's a complete step-by-step guide to having the perfect gathering of friends and family.

This is one heck of an amazing guide. If you've got a barbecue and love to entertain, this is the book for you!


Everyone's rockin' flip flops this season. It's just too hot to wear shoes these days.

But you want to wear cool flip flops, right?

That's why you're going to want Switchflops.

Created by Lindsay Phillips, these cute sandals have interchangeable straps so that you can rock a different look for day and evening, for shopping and walking, for whatever you like!

What is great about these is that it's like having 2 pairs in one - just buy the base shoe and accessorize with different straps, all of which have Lindsay's signature button at the toe.

I got the Lulu Brown and added some pizazz with the Ailene Strap. I like the kitten heel of Lily (black and cork) and love the huge range of colours and straps that are available. There are over 70 straps to choose from, which means you can accessorize for every occasion and season!

So instead of wearing the same boring flip flops that the rest of the world is wearing, get yourself some Switchflops and rock your style all summer long!

Stephanie Dickison

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